Chaperon Media program ( CMP)

Chaperon Media program ( CMP)

About The Project

That looks at enhancing and supporting young people acquire knowledge and skills through Technology and media to impact their lives positively. The program also adresses the dangers of Cyber abuse/violence against girls.

The media has long been tagged as one of the most but more especially media powerfully forces not the lives of young people but the entire citizenry shaping the ways young people make certain choices that affect their everyday lives. Music. TV. Video games, films. newspapers magazines Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, you tube, radio and a lot more that have that impact to influence how thet see the world.

It is so easy for anyone to become overwhelmed by the information and messages they recieve through the different media. We at YOCU believe that in a digital information space where new media and social media play a crucial role , young people need to be empowered with the necessary and adequate skills to take part in public life in a real and meaningful way.

Direct implementation

Most of the activities shall be implemented by Project staff, due to the need for more specialized facilitation. Monitoring and evaluation to enable the tracking on the project progress and to sustainability.

Training and capacity building:

The project will seek to train local community facilitators as a means of empowering local education structures to be able to analyze and take appropriate education and health care strategies etc


The project seeks to establish a vocational institution as a way to sustain this project after the funding of the donor agencies and also to train vulnerable children and youth professional skills to be able to compete in this ever changing.

Outcome or results of project

he results of this particular project are are cross cutting in the way that it doesn’t only help children acquire education and healthcare but it also transforms communities where those children reside. At the lapse of the implementation of this project we will have Improved the standards of living of OVCs and built a generation full of hope to compete and be responsible citizens. Created forum fully doing its mandate, Generation cycles of poverty will be halted courtesy of this very project, illiteracy will be highly mitigated by educating OVCs, competent workforce will be created which can compete in a global village which will have opened a door to economic and social prosperity. Child headed homes will drastically be reduced.

Hunger will be mitigated and food security will be in place to sustain the people at the end of the project, disease will be mitigated due to continuous Medicare and this in turn will reduce the mortality rate, orphans and vulnerable children outside the home will be integrated into the home after the expansion of the premises, created choices and opportunities for children, reducing social inequality of children living with disability and HIV/AIDS as vehicle to social and economic prosperity, improvement in children’s health, nutrition and their very chances of survival, children’s psycho-social development will be enhanced, Children living with both disabilities and HIV/AIDS fully integrated in the society without segregation. Psycho social and holistic development of children will be enhanced. Community economic status quo will be changed due to the project. Most of the activities and the results have been reflected on the logical frame work. Please refer to it.

Monitoring and evaluation of the project.

Monitoring; the organization will monitor all the activities throughout the year and make sure that the funds have not been misused. Evaluation; the organization will always make sure that it carryout all necessary statistical analysis in all activities and supporters will audit all books and records at every end of the project.

Human resource and administration of the project.

Raiser orphanage East Africa has got a professional and dedicated staff which is fully equipped to carry out the intended outcome successfully. There is no doubt; the project is in good hands of people who are yarning to cause a change of lives among our areas of operations. We will implement the activities as well have a very good tracking plan to enable the monitoring and evaluation teams perform the intended expectations.

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