Welcome To Youth Chaperon Uganda

a Youth Led Community Based Organization established by a group of educated youths working in the development sector with a mandate of inspiring, empowering and supporting girls, women and youth to transform in all aspects of life as well as advocate for their Rights.


True to this spirit the Organization was named Youth Chaperon Uganda, Chaperon basically means a person who accompanies and looks after another person or group of people to encourage proper behaviour.


We target girls , Women and youths between the ages of 10-29 years. We aim at creating safe spaces for them to discuss issues affecting them and we empower them with knowledge and assertiveness and communication skills.


We advocate for the right to Health, Decision making, Basic needs, Love, care and Protection from Exploitation..

Our Vision

Encouraging and protecting young people from allegations of inappropriate behaviour through guidance and counseling, psychosocial support and mentorship

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Reached Students


Engament Sessions


The Volunteers


Projected Reach


We Inspire, Empower and support young people transform in all aspects of life with a focus on improving Community wellbeing and the overall education outcomes in Uganda.


Youth Chaperon-Uganda partners with a number of schools with which we implement our adolescent centered programs. These schools include;

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We also provide guidance and counseling services to students, teachers as well as parents. So if you would deffinetly want to Join Us. Share your Email & we'll let you know when one is Up.

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